Sunday, January 11, 2009


Scarlet is a red golden retriever. She is four years old and is all most five. She is very pretty. She is very friendly and loves kids. Her birthday is on April first. Her best friend is Bella Rose. They both very pretty.

Scarlet is a very, very good dog.


Southern jewel


samantha said...

Scarlet really is a good dog and is very beautiful and smart. She loves her family for sure!!

I enjoyed this post, Princess, and the pictures you chose to share too. They really capture her gentle spirit.

I love you!

Special K said...

Hey SJ!

Love the pics of that precious pooch! So glad you shared Scarlett with us! You are such a jewel!!!

Marylou said...

Scarlet is a beautiful and an obedient dog who does a very good job as a therapy dog when you take her to the nursing home to minister to the residents there.

She has a sweet spirit and seems to enjoy playing with your new puppy Bolt... even though she sometimes looks like she could eat him for a snack! Ha!

You did a terrific job on this blog with the pictures and all. Well done, Grandgirl!