Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Girls Day Out

Me and my Mom and Nana had a girls day. We had the BEST time ever. We love having girl days together.

My mom bought me some nail poilsh and lip glitter and glitter spray. I also got a jacket and a outfit and an pink eye mask to wear when I sleep.
We ate at Tortilla Soup. The food was really good.
I LOVE MY Mom and Nana!


samantha said...

I had fun today too. I really like when you got so embarassed in the bra department at Wal-Mart... oh goodness I laughed so hard! We need to get out more often!

Marylou said...

Yes, we do need to get out more often!! I wasn't sure if it was the leopard spotted bra, or the bright blue with diamonds and a matching thong , or the striped one that embarrassed you most! You looked really cute when you crawled under the grocery cart.

The food WAS wonderful,wasn't it? We will have to go there again soon!

I had a wonderful time and feel very special that you mentioned me in your blog.

I love you very much and I am very proud of you.

Special K said...

so can you include me in on a girls day next time I'm in town!? :)

I am so glad you all had so much fun!

As for the B _ _ dept...don't worry that will pass and it will be just another item on your list...I remember feeling the same way!!!!!!