Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The New Frosty

Once upon a time some kids were playing in the snow. So they built a snowman and they needed a hat. So they looked around found silk, black hat...They put it on him. Then he started dancing. The kids loved him and Frosty loved them. But they all knew he would melt. So Frosty went to the North Pole and met Rudolph. They became best friends. So Rudolph talked to Santa and Santa said let him in. So Frosty and Santa became best friends too.

The End

By:Southern Jewel


samantha said...

I enjoyed reading your new Frosty story. It's a lot of fun!!

Marylou said...

Bravo! Author! Author! What a good story. I like this. MAybe you will write abook one day like all the American girl books.