Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hidden Mickey's

I love Mickey heads. They are also known as Hidden Mickey's. They make me smile. Our family has found Hidden Mickey's in flowers, M&M's, in Spaghetti-ohs, and even in movies. My mom even has a Hidden Mickey birthmark on her back!

I am thankful for Hidden Mickey's because they are cool and you can find them everywhere. As Aunt Tinker-Sidney said, my mom's birthmark is proof that even God loves Hidden Mickey's.

Tomorrow my Aunt Tinker Sidney is going to Disney World. So today we had a celebration for their trip at their house. We had Mickey head sandwiches for lunch and M&M's for snack. It reminded me how much I love finding hidden Mickey's.

I'm thankful for even the little things God uses to make us happy... like hidden Mickey's.


Marylou said...

I am thankful that you find joy in the little things like "hidden Mickeys".

Isn't it funny/odd/strange how many hidden mickeys we never saw in our whole lives... until someone pointed them out to us the first time... and now "they're everywhere... they're everywhere"!!!!!!???

I love your blog!

samantha said...

I am thankful for Hidden Mickey's too... especially finding them with you!

Special K said...

What a great party! You guys are so creative!!

Denise said...

Thanks for a fun post.