Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've been tagged!

1.I'm the only girl in my family.

2.I have a stuffed animal collection.

3.I love pictures.

4.I have five webkinz.

5.I love going on walks.

6.I love the DVD Cinderella three a Twist in Time.

7.I love ANIMALS.

I tag my brothers: Sharkbait and Bibleman.


Special K said...

I LOVE pictures too!

What FUN YOU are the only girl in your family! THE PRINCESS! That's awesome!

samantha said...

You are not the only girl in your family! I am a girl too!! LOL I love you, Princess! Great list!

Mary said...

I'm sure you inherited the love of pictures from your momma... who takes more photos than any other person I know... but I love them, too. And we all love the Webkinz. I enjoy playing with the three I have! Keep up the great blogging, Grandgirl. I love to read what you write!

Special K said...

Hey pretty girl!

I tagged you! Come to my blog to find out what its all about!!!